Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For donors

How can I become a regular donor?

You can become a donor by filling in this form and choosing the type of collaboration you would like to give. You can sponsor a student, support a particular program or give a contribution to be distributed among the different programs we have. You can choose to give a weekly, monthly, annual or a one time contribution.

How do I give or send money now?

You can donate by Paypal, credit card, check or electronic transaction. Just follow this link and choose the amount and donation method.

How much money should I give?

There is no minimum or maximum amount. However, if you would like to customize your contribution, you can choose to sponsor a student for a SL Camp, a certain amount of tuition hours or for a specific amount towards one of our projects.

What’s the minimum contribution to become a donor?

As little or as much as you can give. You will always receive a receipt for your tax exemption records.

How is the given money used?

We have a list of current projects, grantors and programs.

You can choose towards which of those your money will go (sponsor a student, develop a project, seminars, trips); however, if your donation is general you will receive news from us indicating details of your donation. You can request a summary report of your contributions at any time.

I can’t become a regular donor for now. Can I contribute just once?

Of course, you can give a one time donation at any time. We thank you for it!

Are you using other grantors or private institutions to sponsor the projects?

Yes, in addition to individual donors, Talita Cumi is actively searching for private and federal grantor institutions to sponsor our vision and mission. Among those, we have religious institutions such as churches with the desire to invest preparing future missionaries. Social institutions dedicated to help DV  and women empowerment, youth educational programs and more.

Is this program only for religious individuals?

No, Talita Cumi’s vision and mission is based on a biblical/spiritual call; however, we serve all individuals regardless of their beliefs, race, ethnicity, age or gender. There are, however, some programs that are specific for certain individuals based on the purpose and source of the funding that we use for it. Therefore, each participant in our programs must qualify to receive the sponsorship as we must be in compliance with our grantors.

For Volunteers

I want to be a volunteer, how can I help?

We have different programs for helping people. You can take part in those programs by giving seminars in our support groups, tutoring students, preparing teaching material,  participating in missionary trips, immersion trips, among other activities according to your experience and skills. Click here for starting now!

As a volunteer, do I pay for the trips?

This depends on the trip and the funding we are using to sponsor the trip. If the grantors and donors for the trip convert the expenses of a volunteer, then the answer is yes. If the funding cannot cover that, the volunteer must cover their own expenses as part of their donation. In any case, a volunteer can choose to pay for their own expenses and you will receive a report of volunteer hours and your equivalent dollar amount of contribution to be used for your tax exemption records.

How old should a volunteer be?

Preferably +18 but depending on the project, we can accept younger volunteers, possible in the company of a guardian.

What are the requirements to become a volunteer?

Background check for volunteers in contact with minors is required. Your curriculum vitae and cover letter indicating your motivation and passion to participate in our programs.

Some grantors, require additional information for specific projects in which case, the volunteer will be notified of additional requirements, if needed.

Should I belong to a specific religion to be a volunteer?

Helping others is a humanitarian act that comes from sensitive hearts and cannot be limited by personal beliefs. Everyone who feels like giving a hand and fills the requirements to be part of our programs is more than welcome to become a volunteer with us. So come on: help us help others!

For people who need help

How do I apply for help?

Send us a message explaining your current situation and why you need our help. Make sure that you indicate a good email and/or phone number for us to contact you. We will strive to find the means and hands to be there for you. We believe that abundance, love, peace and wellbeing is available to all and it is flowing your way right now!

I have an urgent question. How do I contact you?

Please use the 24/7 chat option below

Email us at