Our Team


Rebeca Ruiz

Founder and Director of Talita-Cumi CR. Following the biggest and best example of service and
love that we have, Jesus on Earth, this foundation has its basis on excellence, love and service with
non-discrimination to all those who need a friendly hand of empowerment in crisis circumstances
or crucial situations, where said hand allows us to cope with that goal and grows up to be able to

My inspiration: the biggest legacy that my mother left me, education and values. It could happen,
we could lose thousands, stuff, and all our material things many times, but through education and
values it could be rebuilt over and over again. Empowering through Education as my mother
empowered me to be able to serve, presently, to thousands of communities around the world.


Mariana Martínez Solano

Administrative Assistant of Talita-Cumi CR. I highly believe in education and the benefits and
opportunities that learning a foreign language could offer to us. Being able to communicate
around the world, and know new cultures and traditions help you hugely improve either
personally or professionally, since the perspective or point of view changes drastically, and the
way of thinking and living too. I am here to proudly serve all students and staff from Talita-Cumi
CR and especially those who seek information about this organization.

“Success is the result of small endeavors repeated day by day.”


Randi Gibson

Hi. My name is Randi Gibson and I live in Pennsylvania. I am a mom and Spanish teacher. I like to
read, cook, travel and spend time with family and friends. I like to work at Talita-CumiCR because I
love its mission and the service to help others. It is very special to me to be part of this vision.


Carolina Ortiz R

Vice-president of Talita-Cumi CR. I feel so pleased by collaborating for this foundation, since it
inspires me to help and serve others. This is an organization that promotes learning in many ways,
so I recommend this to you as an educational tool for your life.