My life changed when I heard your testimony and saw the greatness and perfection of all that God had done in your lives despite the circumstances. I knew it was going to change my way of seeing God. I learned what it is to work under God’s perfect purpose, and I knew what true loyalty to God, service and people is, but especially I discovered how to do things within love. Today, I am a different woman, someone who walks under the purpose that God has for me.

Vera Castro, 27 years old, Costa Rica

If I had to say in one word what Talita Cumi CR has been to me, it would be “influence”. Definitely, the Talita Cumi CR team, and especially Rebecca, have been that for me. If I had not had, for so many years and during the most difficult stage of my life, these people full of extraordinary virtues, I did not know what direction my life would have taken. God created, between Rebecca and me, a precious friendship, full of moments where I have been able to grow: it is interesting to see how our conversations have helped me to know myself, to focus. With all my heart, I thank God for choosing me to be your friend!

Rocío Gamboa, former coordinator of program Misioneritas

My little “Cuchi” is already grown! From being a youngster, she demonstrated her great capacity for learning, but, above all, the great energy that she radiates towards others, infecting them with her love and joy. She loved to imitate people and she did it with great mastery! However, far from the comedy, she was able to see even the smallest details in the others … she was able to feel what they felt … She loved to leave them little messages, filling them with joy and love! As I always tell her: her mother would be extremely proud of her … the way I feel. I love you very much.

From Jacky Solano, director of "Ser Padres" Costa Rica, to Rebecca and Talita Cumi CR

The members of the Talita Cumi CR team are freshness, tolerance, guidance, and unconditional friends. I have met very few people like them, with that kindness and contagious happiness that springs from the depths of their being. Tests have shaped and made them real human beings, courageous, who laugh and cry heartily, and care for their fellow men. I admire that desire to do good without condition. The world needs many people like you!

José Álvarez, Walmart Employees Association Manager, Costa Rica

Rebecca is a friend with whom I shared the ministerial work. There are few times, one finds people devoted to the service of God and others like her. There were so many who affirmed the specialness of their treatment! He helped make the load lighter, covering details with extraordinary gentleness and excellence. One quality that stands out is its search for improvement. I am proud, and I believe that you will achieve many more achievements. I pray for Talita Cumi CR and her vision touch thousands.

Danilo Montero, Lakewood pastor, Houston

Rebecca is more than a minister who touches lives. She is a friend to all who have known her. She has the heart of Christ and shares it with those who need God’s help. She has left a mark on the lives of thousands of people in Central America, Mexico and the United States. I want to encourage you to open your heart and be impacted by what the Lord has given you. It will surely leave a beautiful mark on your heart!

Jason Frenn, Evangelist (There is hope in Jesus)

There are people who pass by and leave marks, but there are also people who pass by and leave deep and indelible tracks. There are different, extraordinary people, people who speak and make us feel good because what they speak comes from the heart of God. Rebecca, and the entire team of Talita Cumi CR, are people who leave footprints in their hearts because they see what God sees in people and they see what others do not see. They have believed in us, many times considered useless to the world, and they have made us believe every word that comes from the Father’s heart. They taught me who my God is. His credibility and obedience to the voice of God to raise us up is what encourages us today to rise up and believe that if God did it with us, he can do it with thousands who need a helping hand and hope.

Rafael Ramírez, 20 years old, Costa Rica

A footprint in every heart

Thank you,
For every moment that I shared with you,
for drawing, with silence, a trace in the heart.

Thank you,
for taking the time to teach the most beautiful of chairs
just by your example.

Thank you,
for giving away the wealth of a noble
heart full of love, which, as a gift,
delivers the best: the spontaneous smile of a sunrise,
the warmth of the sunset, the resonating
of tender phrases that encourage you to follow.

Thank you,
for capturing an imprint that make remember
the true value of friendship,
the importance of loving and giving every day
the most supreme of us.

Thank you,
for making my heart the finest linen
to capture, in it, a trace in the heart

From Alice Molina, to Talita Cumi CR's team

We had the privilege of working with Talita Cumi CR for years. Achieving success can be a road with many obstacles and, sometimes, it could come with the wrong signs, but, the effort, dedication and, especially, the determination that we put in the way, is the key to reach the goal. They are a group of people with the determination to move forward and achieve success. I believe in the purpose that God has for its life.

Raúl Vargas, Hope Oasis Pastor, Costa Rica

Rebecca came in the summer of 2005 as a ministry assistant to evangelist Jason Frenn and his family to prepare for a crusade at the Anaheim Convention Center, and we hosted her at our home. Before long, she became one of our daughters. We adopted her with much love! She is a hardworking and committed person to her calling, and she is loved by everyone who knows her. She organized crusades, retreats, and taught while studying English and completing his master’s degree. All done simultaneously! Despite the stress, difficulties and limitations, you are always tireless. We highly respect you.

Douglas and Jeannie French, Orange, California

I had the opportunity to work with Rebecca. I consider him to be a person with a different point of view from the majority, characterized by her humanism, her approach towards people. With transcendental goals, she has sought horizons of greater spiritual depth. We have learned a little from her about that particular vision of life.

Eric Murillo,Coca-Cola FEMSA Business and administration Manager for Central America.

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